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Lowri & Owain's engagement shoot | Pembrey Country Park

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Pembrey country park in Carmarthenshire, South Wales is an absolutely stunning location for an engagement shoot. So when Lowri and Owain suggested that this was the place that we should go, I was so happy!

With their wedding fast approaching in June, it was time to get these two in front of the camera for their pre-wedding session. Having already met Lowri, Owain and one of the dogs (Rufus) when they visited me for a coffee and a chat earlier in the year, I was certain that we would have a blast on this trip to the coast.

Along with Lowri, Owain and Rufus, came the new (and extremely energetic) addition to the family, Macsen! This was my first engagement shoot with two additional members, so I was hoping things would go to plan...

This session was one of the best times I've had with any of my couples. We didn't stop laughing all evening. From Owain's fantastic posing skills, Macsen's penchant for dried fish, to an honest to God butt naked cyclist!!

If you'd like to book an engagement session like this one, please click here for more info.

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