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Wedding Photography Castell Coch, South Wales | Eloisa & Chris

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Date: 14th May 2022

Venue: Castell Coch /

By: David Barrett Photography

Bride and Groom walking and holding hands through the woods. Wedding Photography Castell Coch, Cardiff, South Wales. Photo by South Wales Wedding Photographer David Barrett Photography.

Wedding Photography Castell Coch, South Wales & Snails Deli, Cardiff - Eloisa & Chris

I have visited Castell Coch and the surrounding woodlands lots of times in the past, but this was my first time photographing a wedding at this picturesque, fairytale hillside castle.

Driving through the lanes on my way to the venue, I was instantly hit with the magical, springtime scent of wild garlic which carpeted the woodland floor. I love spring and it instantly put me at ease for the day.

Arriving at the castle you are immediately taken to a storybook world. Picturing princesses in towers and Welsh dragons on the hillsides. This really is a special venue!

Chris and his guests were arriving and things were starting to get underway. I was struck by the number of smiles and amazement on their faces as they entered the ceremony room. You get a special feeling being inside Castell Coch and it really showed! Eloisa arrived shortly after and looked every bit a part of the fairytale, she looked absolutely stunning as she was accompanied by her father down the aisle.

The ceremony was beautiful, with an adorable cameo from Chris and Eloisa's young daughter as she wanted to join Mummy and Daddy during their vows.

We spent a little time afterwards on the castle grounds to get some pictures before heading off to Snails Deli for the reception. Eloisa had told me all about this amazing place as she and Chris are regular visitors for breakfast. I didn't know what to expect, but I certainly wasn't disappointed! After a very warm welcome from the team at Snails, I really felt at home! It is just the kind of place I love, with delicious homemade food, fresh coffee and of course some more celebratory drinks for the wedding guests too!

After some mouthwatering food, the newlyweds stood to thank their guests, followed by Eloisa's sister, who delivered a beautifully written speech in the form of a poem, which, as per usual for me, brought a tear or two to my eyes.

Following the speeches, we were all treated to some outstanding close-up magic from Lord Harri Magic who certainly wowed the guests with his unfathomable tricks!

This was one of those wedding days that you wish would happen every week. Such lovely people in such a beautiful place. Congratulations Eloisa & Chris!

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